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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Potato chips, guns and guitars-

What do they all have in common? Its simple, one is never enough! That's right, just like Lays potato chips, you can't just have one. And now I have two! I bought a second guitar last week, from a local pawn shop.

Its a looks-like-brand-new, Fender Stratacoustic. It looks just like the one at the link except there's no pick guard. Its an acoustic with electronics built in so it can be used amplified and it has a skinny neck like any Fender electric guitar. It has a small body and a fiberglass, moulded back and its smaller than a typical acoustic guitar. Its lighter than my Ibanez and easier to transport so I think it will be my "go-to-class" guitar and that will help me keep my beautiful blue Ibanez from getting scratched and dinged.

I really like it and I'm splitting my practice between both guitars. The Fender does have a little better tone than my Ibanez when both are unplugged due to the greater body volume and sound hole shapes. But I love them both and I'm really pleased with my new toys and hobby. I can play Yankee Doodle almost without looking at the music and I've learned Love Me Tender and tonight I started working on Amazing Grace.

Chords are still pretty hard...

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